Diabetic (T1), Humanist, sci-fi geek, space nerd; nemesis of mornings. Satirical, dry, and suspiciously minty.

I write about life, diabetes, bits of fiction, the odd dodgy poem, the occasional diatribe, the universe, and everything. I sometimes post themed playlists to compensate for having nothing else to offer except themes playlists.

When not fantasising about a career in the creative arts, I earn my keep as pen-pusher for a modest local authority. In the past I have served King and country as an Arts Marketing Assistant, Technical Assistant, Web Manager, Voice-over/Narrator, Actor, Script Writer, Subtitler, Video Editor, and Sound Editor for a number of reputable venues and production companies along the local bus route.

I am technically well-rounded and always interested in learning new skills. I am also pursuing acting/narration/voiceover work that nobody else wants – on radio, television or over a reputable supermarket tannoy system. I have been known to work for whiskey, sunlight, and occasional walks in the evening. While I recognise carrot cake as currency,  offers of actual legal tender will not be taken seriously.

In this age of SJW, virtue-signalling,  cultural Marxist, the walking butt-hurt, safespace dwelling lefty snowflakes, and other professional victim-types, there is the need to clarify that the content within this digital atom in cyberspace exists for the sole purpose of satisfying my own creative indulgences. I am not an authority, professional artist, performer, public figure, guru, or religious incarnation.

The creative (lol) content on this site is not always a true representation of my personal beliefs, viewpoints, likes, or psychotic hatreds. I accept no responsibility for any social, religious, cultural, political, parental, or any other forms of social conditioning, prescribed medication, ignorance, or self-importance that hampers your ability to recognise satire, sarcasm, dark humour, choice language, and freedom of expression. It is not a human right to not be offended, so there.

If you like anything you read here enough to warrant positive feedback: thank you! Please feel free to do so via your preferred social network. Blog post comments are spammy, and people are weird.

If you dislike anything you see here enough to really really, like, totally just have to project your triggered, negative energy toward me, then read the fourth paragraph again.

Go in peace