A short, out of the box promotional video. All character voices performed by me.

‘CCTV Control Room – Captain Camera’ is a short, out of the box promotional video highlighting the tireless and selfless actions of an elite CCTV Operator at Blaenau Gwent. All character voices were performed by me. I think you’ll agree, the resemblance between the hero and I is uncanny.

[Edited December 2016]

Sadly, Blaenau Gwent CCTV was closed down in 2014. The cameras are now monitored by Newport City Council – where I continue to operate. I will always praise the professionalism and gold award-winning standard of Blaenau Gwent CCTV. We were a bloody good team, and I’m immensely proud of the opportunity given to me; serving my community; helping in the detection and prevention of crime and disorder. It’s a shame our achievements were overlooked, and money had to come first. I stll miss it deeply.

This video is posted with the kind permission of Anytime Films and Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council.  All power to their elbows.